I grew up in WV and returned here more than 10 years ago. While the state is littered with chain restaurants, there are many great places that are owned by our neighbors. I want to help spread the word on them.

As I hope it will be clear from the reviews, I like good food regardless of the style. Depending on my mood, I can enjoy a good hamburger as much as quality steak (medium rare). I’ll eat hot dogs done just about any way (except with ketchup), “home cookin” like meatloaf or chicken n’ dumplings, or ethnic food of any variety. The key is if the food was prepared well. I won’t be looking down on hot dog joints or only praising the likes of Cafe Cimino (but, spoiler alert, Cafe Cimino is outstanding).

I (Missy – Magellan’s traveling companion) grew up in Charleston, WV and have lived here all my life, aside from a brief stint outside of DC. Over the years, I have developed an intense dislike of chain restaurants (though, the siren song of fries from McD’s is something I sometimes can’t resist). I’m still working on cutting out all the packaged crap in my home. (It’s so convenient. Excuses, excuses.) I like all kinds of food, too, though I’m hampered by some food allergies ($#%^!). I like my quality steak mooing, and when not provided chili & slaw I’m ok with ketchup on a hot dog. I also enjoy traveling around and outside of WV and hope to provide you info on things to do and places to see surrounding the restaurants we highlight.

2 Responses to About

  1. pam says:

    Y’all rock!

  2. Tally Ranels Reed says:

    Just found your blog. I live in Berkeley Springs, WV (home to Lot 12 public house:) Recently, my husband and I have been traveling WV a good bit and plan to do a lot more in the coming months. Your reviews are right up my alley! Thank you.

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