Cafe Crema (Charleston)

As Charleston is rumored to be getting it’s first stand-alone Starbucks, I figured I should give a shout out to the newest local coffee shop in town:  Cafe Crema.  It’s located in the Patrick Street Plaza and is a proverbial mom and pop (or, more accurately, mom and daughter) operation.

The pride of Cafe Crema is their coffee.  The do standard drip coffee, but will do you a cup via the “pour over” method.  It’s a bit slower, as it brews a single cup at a time, but finished product is ridiculously smooth.  In addition, they do the standard mix of lattes, espressos, and mochas (hot or iced) that you expect from a coffee shop, as well as smoothies and “shakes.”  (“Shakes” is in quotation marks because, while I really liked the watermelon shake I had, it seemed ice cream free.)

In addition, they do a range of panini sandwiches, both with vegan and with meat.  My first try was the Boulevard Melt which contained swiss and provolone cheeses, roast beef, ham, turkey and salami with tomato and mayo.  Sandwiches come with a side which can be chips or a flavored hummus with carrots and cukes.


It was a nice lunch.  I’d also recommend the capree which is mozzarella and tomatoes with a pesto sauce.  You can add a deli meat, which I did with salami.

They are open for breakfast, mainly selling coffee and Sugar Pie baked goods, but they will do toast with cream cheese, PB&J style or with cream cheese and avocado.


Simple, but makes a nice breakfast.

It’s a small operation, but one I hope survives.  The entire menu can be found on their webpage:

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1 Response to Cafe Crema (Charleston)

  1. Robin Cox says:

    Stumbled upon this restaurant last week! Excellent food and atmosphere. My husband picking up our dinner from there tonight. So excited to try their smoothies, too! ***** 5 Stars👍🏻👍🏻

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