Italian Grille & Deli (Hurricane)

Good Italian food is largely the strong suit of the northern part of the state (Clarksburg, Fairmont, Morgantown, Wheeling, etc.).  The Italian food south of Clarksburg has been disappointing, Rocco’s in Kenova excepted.  So, when a friend suggested I try this place, I was a bit dubious.  But of course, not dubious enough not to try it.

The location is really unassuming.  It’s a bland storefront in the Putnam Village Shopping Center — a strip mall off I-64 at the Teays Valley exit that frankly has seen better days.  To there, you have to go around at least two newer strip malls.  Inside is simple and clean, but unadorned. No murals or fancy set pieces; just simple tables and chairs.  The menu is purely Italian:  pizza, pasta and grinders.

And it’s pretty good.  Not Rocco’s or Muriale’s good, but as good as any Italian I’ve had in the area.

Almost every meal starts with the house rolls, which are knots of pizza dough served with marinara dipping sauce.


You tear off a hunk and scoop up some flavorful red sauce.  Repeat until the rolls are gone.  The salads are fairly standard, though Missy noted the lettuce was shredded which she claims makes it taste better.  The Italian dressing is good and Missy liked the blue cheese.  We were hungry, so we started with the tomato mozzarella appetizer, which consists of fresh tomatoes covered in cheese and baked.  Simple, but good.

On our last visit, Missy ordered a crock of the baked spaghetti with meat sauce which was a large serving of piping hot spaghetti covered with gooey Italian cheese.  I tried the lasagna, which was a nice-sized plate of classic lasagna.  On an earlier visit, I ordered the classic spaghetti with meatballs:


There is nothing fancy about this place; it is just serving good portions of classic Italian dishes at $10-$15 a dinner.  Missy took enough home for a good sized meal the next day.

Classic Italian food is a comfort food to me and I will go back.  I can’t find a website, but they are on Facebook.

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