Baristas Cafe and Pub (New Martinsville)

It’s been too long and there are restaurants to discuss.  One of my favorites seems like a good place to (re-)start.

Baristas in New Martinsville is the only restaurant I’ve discussed that was featured in the New York Times.  The article — which I will link if I can — discussed how in a town like New Martinsville there are two types of people:  Bob Evans people and Baristas people.

Count me in as Baristas people.

Most of the time, Baristas is a high-quality coffee house which also serves soups and sandwiches.  There is always a vegetarian option on the menu.  It’s a nice place to stop if you are in the neighborhood.

What pushes it over the top is the downstairs pub and river view garden.  The pub is only open weekends and evenings (I think).  Order your food on paper slips in the pub and feel free to take it outside.  The pub is full-service and has four good beers on draught (taps rotate and they plan to add two more).  When Missy and I walk in we were told that we chose a good day to come because they were making pizza.  I went with a small pie with sausage, fresh mozzarella, and onion.  The pub was dark and we didn’t use our flash, so here goes:


Yeah, sorry.  The pie was much better than the photo.  The cheese was fresh and flavorful, ditto the sausage and the crust was properly chewy after being baked in a real wood-fired stove.  It was a really strong pizza, especially with a Big Timber Brown Ale.

Missy, however, was not to be dissuaded from the purpose of our trip — a Baristas Burger.  Other than the patty, the Baristas Burger is fairly simple LTO burger with a thousand island like sauce on the side.  The patty, however, is genius.  Baristas mixes ginger, honey and soy sauce into the meat.  Trust me, it works.


Missy was sitting closer to the door.  What makes the burger is amazing is hard to describe; the ginger and soy accent the meat without overpowering it.

Put it to you this way, Missy and I made the two plus hour drive to New Martinsville for the purpose of having dinner and beer at Baristas and would do it again.  One of our favorite places in the state.

Check out their facebook page:  Or webpage:  Or just find a nice day and go to 326 N. Main St. in New Martinsville.

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