Vintage (Elkins)

I think it is safe to say the wine bar fad craze has peaked when one opens in Elkins. Nothing against Elkins, I actually like the town a great deal, but San Francisco is it not.  Still, Vintage looked really interesting so I passed on a few places I know and like to give it a try.

And, let me be clear, it is very interesting.  The inside is really impressive and it is clear the owners spent time and money to make it look right.  Brick interiors, a spectacular bar, fire place; it looks very nice.  I can’t do any better than their own video:

The Vintage menu is huge.  Steaks, seafood, wood-fired pizza, pasta (including pad thai), duck, and on and on.  And they have specials.  And a comfort cooking business lunch (meatloaf, pork chop, fried shrimp).  I always worry that restaurants that try to do much, wind up not doing anything too well.  But let’s go from the hypothetical to my experience.

I started with the soup of the day — a butternut squash bisque that was creamy and well-spiced.


I would definitely do that again.  My entrée was a tenderloin special of bacon-wrapped tenderloin topped with a sweet onion mixture and served over mashed potatoes:


It was solid, assuming you like onions.  I thought the sweet onions complemented and didn’t overpower the steak (sorry, tenderloin).

Dessert was pecan pie, which was appropriately decadent.


The wine menu was impressive, I think.  I’ll be honest, my knowledge of wine is pretty pedestrian. You are on your own here.

Vintage is right across the street from the Courthouse (25 Randolph Avenue) with a decently-size parking lot.  It’s large enough that reservations are probably not needed except for very busy times.  Still, if you want to be safe:  304-636-0808.  And the full website is here:

In all, Vintage is a good addition to a thriving dining scene in Elkins.  It’s worthy of a visit if you are in the area.

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