Allegheny Restaurant (Harman)

If you’ve ever gone to Canaan Valley there is a good chance you’ve seen this place where St. Rte. 32 splits north from US 33 and heads to Canaan and Davis/Thomas.


Curiosity and hunger got the better of me and I stopped by one Saturday morning.  The inside was mix of old tables, curios and a lunch counter.  There were two locals there finishing their coffee and one waitperson/cook/dishwasher.  I stepped up to the counter and got a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon, home fries and toast.


Look, that’s not a life-changing breakfast, but it was perfectly tasty and cheap (5 bucks or so).  The coffee, on the other hand, was awful.  Okay, awful may be a bit strong because it tasted like every “cup o’ joe” served at every diner in America in 1985.  And I drank gallons of that stuff.  But it’s 30 years later and the coffee at the mini-mart is vastly better. (I wonder if the coffee is better at the State Diner.  It has to be, right?)  And I’d pass on the 75 cent homemade donuts, which didn’t have much flavor but dunked well.

Overall, I’m glad I stopped but would be unlikely to do so again unless I was really hungry.  There are just better options in Elkins and Davis.  But if you are in the area and need a quick bite, it is fine.

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