Angela’s On The River (St. Albans)

I’ve seen Angela’s for awhile, but never ventured in until the last week or so.  I wish I had done so earlier.

Angela’s is housed in the old Chilton House on the Coal River.  It’s open for dinners only, but Missy and I ventured forth because I needed new content for the blog.  (Thanks Missy).  I don’t have any pictures of the exterior because the day we went was really cold and I wasn’t spending time outside that I didn’t have to.

The first thing you need to know is that parking is across Kanawha Terrace from the restaurant.  It’s a big parking lot, but it can be a busy road and there is only a lightly-signed crosswalk.

The restaurant is a converted house with a number of smaller rooms, most of which have a nice view of the river.  We were taken downstairs to what looks like an added on rec room that is probably used for the special events Angela’s hosts.

Angela’s is a successor to Windows on the River and has many of the menu items from that establishment.  One of those items was that night’s soup of the day, a spicy cabbage.


Plenty of veggies (mainly cabbage, but that is part of the name) in a spicy tomato broth.  All in all, a nice way to start the meal (especially at a $1.25).

Our appetizer was a plate of homemade potato chips topped in melted blue cheese and green onions.


The blue cheese was bubbling hot when we got the plate.  We were given three sauces on the side.  A balsamic (interesting, didn’t really work), their blue cheese dressing (in case you needed more), and a wonderful thick horseradish sauce.

Missy hadn’t a steak in days, she ordered the NY Strip with mashed potatoes and cole slaw:


Despite the grill marks, Missy’s steak was perfectly uncooked.  It had a great steak flavor and was a decent size at 12 oz.  The potatoes were fresh.  The cole slaw was a little bland, but maybe we were just done with cabbage after the soup.  I chose the baked steak, which simply crumbled under my fork; it was not overcooked at all, which is often a risk with baked steak:


The pan gravy had a hearty kick and the collard greens were satisfying, if not overly piggy.  We both left very happy.

Angela’s has a full bar and a decent beer list ; 10 years ago I would have been ecstatic to see Sam Adams and Stella available at a local restaurant.  Service was very friendly and attentive.

Angela’s menu is trying to navigate the narrow gap between the family restaurant and fancy dinner establishment.  Seafood, steaks, and Italian specialties are the main fare.  Frankly, it’s an underserved niche.  Missy’s steak was $19.95, my dinner was $12.95.  We had a nice, quiet dinner of good food and didn’t break the bank.

Angela’s is at 2 6th Ave, Saint Albans, WV 25177.  Phone:  (304) 722-2244.  It’s open for dinner only Tuesday -Saturday.  I don’t think they have a webpage, but they are on facebook:  They are worth a visit.

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