The Red Rooster Cafe (Gassaway)

The Red Rooster is a converted storefront located in downtown Gassaway.  It has regular, but not frequent, hours:  Lunch M-F, Dinner Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday brings a “brunch” buffet.  Missy and I first tried the Rooster on a Sunday and discovered they theme their brunches.  Our Sunday was “Mexican” and was, quite frankly, really disappointing. Not only was I in the mood for brunch foods (eggs, pancakes, etc.) but the Mexican choices just weren’t that good.  We were told the Mexican brunch was really popular in Gassaway, which kind of made Missy and me sad.

But I tried it again to eat off the menu.  This is on the 101 list after all.  Lunch is generally an assortment of sandwiches and tried their take on the Italian (the JoJo) which is cappicola, salami, cheese, Italian peppers, on garlic bread.


A little thin, but a little cappicola and salami go a long way.  In all, this was a flavorful sandwich that was a lot better than you would expect in a random small WV town.  I wouldn’t go a long way out of your way, but would make a short detour if you were thinking lunch at one of the fast food places in Flatwoods.

Dinner, however, was really good.  I ordered the roasted garlic and honey chicken.  The meal began with a relish tray (not the usual start in central WV)


The dip was royale dressing (think Russian without the pickle), but the best part were the garlicky olives.  If you like olives and garlic, these are fantastic and addictive.  Next came the salad with homemade vinaigrette:


Nothing life-changing, but not the usual tired iceberg lettuce either. Dinner was great


The chicken was roasted perfectly so that it remained juicy while the skin was crisp and bursting with flavor.  The potatoes were ideal and the Baja roasted corn with onions and peppers was nice change from the usual diner veggie.  I had some bread pudding for dessert which was good, not great.  The star of this meal was chicken, which was some of the best chicken I’ve had around here.  The meal (not counting the dessert) was $18; a little pricey but a decent amount of food.

They are proud that they make everything from scratch and have been doing since 2008.  Services is quick and friendly.  You can read more about them at their website: .  You can’t miss them, but if you live by your GPS it’s 602 Elk Street, Gassaway.

Is it unique?

The Rooster is a weird little bird.  It’s not really on the way to anything, nor are there many reasons to be in Gassaway, so it has to be a destination.  Lunch is good, but not “go out of your way” good.  I really liked dinner, but if I’m in central Braxton and wanting a special meal, the even better Café Cimino is at the same exit and maybe a mile closer to the interstate.

On the other hand, there aren’t many towns as small as Gassaway with a place as good as the Rooster.  And it is only four miles off the interstate.  If you find yourself on I-79 near Flatwoods, take a break from the fast food and give it a try.

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