Lebanon Bakery (Wheelling)

Yeah, it’s been awhile.

One off-the-beaten-path locations that is a must visit in the northern part of the state is the Lebanon Bakery and Restaurant.  The bakery is located on Main Street just south of downtown and has been there over 50 years.  It’s best known as a bakery specializing in, go figure, Lebanese, favorites:  nut rolls, baklawa, homemade bread and the like.  But, they also do some amazing food at lunchtime.  On my last visit I ordered the baked kibbe platter (the dining room was a little dark):


That’s a huge portion of perfectly seasoned kibbe, fresh taboule, Lebanese rice, some olives and perfect feta, a tomato wedge and a pita.  It makes for a big lunch (they close at 5) but is so good you want to finish every bite (just get a salad for dinner).

Another house special is the faccacia, which is a homemade bread pocket stuffed with beef or spinach and general deliciousness and topped with melted cheese.  Again, very filling, but very good.  From their website this is one stuffed with beef:


But you can’t leave without getting a dessert (for the road and the next few days).  Their baklawa (or baklava if you prefer) is superb; it is sweet and nutty and huge (you can easily divide a piece into three servings).  And if you want to add chocolate to the experience:


That’s one piece or four servings.  They also do nut rolls, pistachio baklawa, and other items you can’t find anywhere else.

The address is 2122 Main Street and you can read about everything they do here:  http://lebanonbakery.com/.  If you like middle eastern food at all, or are curious, you should visit the Lebanon Bakery as soon as you can.

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