Pizza Place (Parkerburg)

I have  a friend who has raved about this place for years.  Of course, she also raves about the knock-off Arby’s wannabe down the street, so I always assumed that her opinion was more about enjoying her days in high school than the food.  Nonetheless, I figured if I didn’t go, I would never hear the end of it.

The Pizza Place has two locations in Parkersburg; each one curiously directly across the street from one of the city’s major high schools.  (What, you are saying that’s not a coincidence?)  The south location is in a generic fast-food building marked by a innocuous sign:


Inside you order at the counter and basically choose from their Sicilian-style thick pizza or the classic thin style.  I ordered one of each, but forgot to take a photo of the thick slice (sorry).  The Sicilian-style is supposed to be what the place is known for and it’s pretty good.  The crust is bready and satisfying.  There are people near and dear to me who refuse to call anything other than the classic Neopolitan-style pizza, but if you are more open to differences, this is worth a try.

The classic style is very good NY-style pizza.  Cheese and pepperoni slices are ready at the counter, but I went with sausage so they had to heat my slice up for a few minutes.


That’s a ton of cheese (and it’s real cheese with cheese flavor).  If you like real NY style, with a crust you can fold, this is a good slice.

There is also a Pizza Place in Marietta, Ohio, and one in the nearby mall.  All the locations used to be one happy family, but there was a split a few years ago and the one in Marietta and the mall are now run by a nephew.  They make a pretty similar slice.


The Pizza Place serves more than just pizza, but pizza is what our visit was about.  The full menu for both locations can be found on their website.

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