M&R Restaurant (Hamlin)

West Virginia Living said the M&R is the best place to eat in Lincoln County, which is enough to intrigue me.  The M&R is a small family place that is about a mile out of town heading west on Rte. 3.  It’s hard to miss once you get there.

IMG_20140727_145854 IMG_20140727_145839

The interior is small and homey and the menu is very typical for a family restaurant in West Virginia.  Sunday specials (it’s open Sunday, but not Saturday, be warned) when I visited included chicken and dumplings and fried chicken.  I was in the mood for true fried chicken.


The green beans tasted fresh, and well-cooked in the WV-style.  The fried potatoes were peppery with the occasional nice crunchy edge.  The chicken was awesome; it was cooked perfectly and the breading had flavor without being heavy.  It was Sunday dinner and I owe the readers of this blog my best research, so I ordered dessert: graham cracker pie.


Again, very good.  You have to like sweet, but that should go without saying when you order graham cracker pie.  The meringue was light and balanced out the custard well.

In all, the M&R was a nice place.  Not sure it’s worth a long drive out of your way, and Hamlin isn’t exactly on the way to anyplace, but if you are in the neighborhood it’s a good meal.  There isn’t a website that I could find, but there is an out-of-date facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/MR-Restaurant/508739755836863.  The menu is still pretty much accurate.

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