Flying Pigs (Thomas WV)

Flying Pigs is a small breakfast/lunch place on the lower main street in the mountain town of Thomas, West Virginia.  It’s a local take on the sunrise cafes that you see across the country (think First Watch with more pigs and a less fancy menu).  The sign is hard to miss:  a pink flying pig with napkin bib and cuttlery.  They keep the procine theme inside:


The inside is very homey: mismatched chairs and tables for a nice sit down breakfast or lunch.  They serve up the traditional breakfasts (eggs, pancakes) and a few house specialties.  I ordered one of those as brunch while traveling.  It was a combination of biscuits, scrambled eggs, salsa, cheese, and a chipoltle sauce.


Very satisfying if not all that spicy.  To fix the spice issue, I also ordered a side of chorizo sausage and got one nice sized link that had a great kick:


The whole thing set me back around $10 and was very filling.  If you are in Tucker County and in the mood for a good breakfast, I highly recommend Flying Pigs.  It’s located on 158 East Avenue in Thomas (the lower street in Thomas).  The only real downside is that it closes up at 2, so you need think about it early in the day.


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