Covenant House WV 2014 Chef’s Challenge Event

Last year (2013), Magellan and I attended Covenant House’s Chef’s Challenge fundraiser for the first time. The event involves several of West Virginia’s most accomplished chefs contributing dishes based on items available in Covenant House’s food pantry. I really like the concept of this because it fits in with the organization’s mission. This year’s event took place in early April and we were eager to attend.

In the past, the event has been sold out due to the venues in which it was held. This year, Covenant House joined with the West Virginia Home Show and held Chef’s Challenge and Canstruction (more on this in a minute) in conjunction with the Home Show’s popular event at the Charleston Civic Center. The space in this new venue allowed for at least 100 more guests.

Prior to dinner, guests enjoyed cocktails and reviewing silent auction items while getting a look at the Canstruction designs created by local organizations. Canstruction is a world-wide fundraiser which hosts competitions of exhibits built entirely from canned (and boxed) food which is donated to local hunger relief charities. This is Covenant House’s largest fundraising event and they partner with local architects, engineers and schools. All of the food is purchased by the “builders” (or their sponsors) and then donated to Covenant House. Below is one of this year’s structures designed by the local green building chapter.



Throughout the event, guests learned about the great work done by Covenant House and the impact they make in our community.


The food was fantastic! I didn’t take photos of everything and don’t recall exactly what we had (I think we began with a seafood appetizer then enjoyed a corn chowder); the following photo is of Chef Urbanics’ (father and son contributed) main dish of chicken, asparagus and more.


We ended the meal with a scrumptious bread pudding:


Though not on WV’s 101 list, this is most certainly a unique dining experience. As non-profits vie for your support, events like these are on the rise. Check in your area for similar creative dinners and plan to visit Charleston early next April for the 2015 Chef’s Challenge event. I’ve heard that all the chefs are looking forward to participating again so there’s going to be good food for certain.

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