Stardust Cafe (Lewisburg)

With the change in weather, I seem to be traveling a bit more.   One of my latest trips took be through Greenbrier County, which may have more nice places to dine per capita than any other county in the state.  Looking for a good place to get a good lunch (and noticing that Stella’s was closed for the day), I ventured back to the Stardust Cafe.

Stardust is a quaint little place in downtown Lewisburg (102 E. Washington Street; 304-647-3663).  From their website ( here is what the outside looks like in the winter:


The inside is charming and seats 25 or so, which means you should make dinner reservations in the summer and fall but there will likley be room for you at lunchtime.  This last visit was at lunch time so my friend and I went with sandwiches.  Andy grabbed the burger, which was cooked to order, and looked fabulous.


(The real burger was less blurry.)  The patty made a mess in the exact way you want a burger to be messy and the homemade semolina bun and bread and butter pickles were great.  Or so I surmised from how quickly he devored it.  I chose the Gullino Panino which was named for the owner’s dad and is a grilled chicken breast with tomato, melted provolone, red onion and pesto on a homemade ciabatta.


It was fabulous.  The bread and thin chicken breast were grilled perfectly and the pesto gave it just the right kick.  The only downside is that the sandwiches are a little pricey ($10), but were so good that I felt good about paying that.

Dinners are fancier (steaks, pastas, pork shank) but well crafted.  My one dinner there was tremendous and the wine list is solid if not quite Savannah’s.  What you will will remember are the desserts.  They are made the owner’s brother — the Mad Baker — and are some of the most creative and delicious desserts in the state.  The menu changes based on his whims, but his most noted is his toffee pudding which must be tasted to be believed.  I don’t think one has survived long enough to be photographed.

Is it unique?

Absolutley.  Go there.  You will not be disappointed.  The feel is charming and intimate and the menu is diverse without crossing over into weird.  And the Mad Baker is a genius.  In a town filled with great places to eat, Stardust is one of the best.


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