The Pizza Station (St. Mary’s)

One thing about my day job, it sends me all over the state.  There are times when I am driving that I really just want something good and fairly quick.  Twice that has meant stopping in St. Mary’s for pizza on the way to Wheeling.  It has appeared on both 101 lists and was the WV Living’s choice for the place to eat in Pleasants County.  I had to stop in.

The Pizza Station is in a refurbished building on Layfayette Street in St. Mary’s, which is about a block or so off Rte. 2 and very near the St. Mary’s bridge over the Ohio.  The location is right on the tracks, and the train theme runs through the restaurant (you can even reserve a caboose for private parties).  The buidling is clean and family-friendly.


The menu isn’t complicated.  It’s called the Pizza Station, so it has pizza and subs.  I’ve only ordered the personal pizza, which is a four-slice, 7″ pie that will you set you back $3.25 + $.50 per topping.


The crust isn’t quite thin enough to be NY style, or thick enough to be deep dish (they do offer a deep dish pizza), but it’s a solid pie for under five bucks.  I also ordered a salad ($2.50) which was about what you would expect in WV for a side salad.  I took a picture, but I know you can imagine it just fine.

Serivce is quick and friendly and the place is super clean.  And you can’t beat the prices.  They even have a lunch special of a three topping personal pizza plus drink for $5.49.  I guess they make it up in volume.  For more info:

Is it unique?

No, but it’s not easy to make pizza unique.  Sure, Lola’s and Pies n’ Pints do it, however, let me assure you there are no grape pizzas on the menu at the Pizza Station.  This is a classic, small-town pizzeria.  And it does a good job for what it is.   If I’m in the area and need a quick lunch for under $10, I will happily stop here again.

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