Savannah’s (Huntington)

With the Aquapocolypse behind us (maybe, I hope), it is high-time for another review.  Sorry I’ve fallen behind.

This is for one of the state’s finest, Savannah’s in Huntington.  I’ve heard about the place for years, but it just far enough away that I never went, yet close enough that it didn’t justify a special trip.  My error.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful old house between downtown and Marshall.  It’s comfortable, but not stodgy.  Make reservations on a weeknight and guys should throw on a sports coat.

They rightfully pride themselves on their numerous Wine Spectator awards and the wine list went on for page after page.  Many of the selections were at a good price point ($20-$30 a bottle).  If you truly appreciate wine, this alone will make you very happy.  I’m not knowledgable on wine, but our friends are so let me turn this over to their review for a moment:

The wine was extremely well-priced (like what you might expect to pay at a grocery store) and the selection was fantastic. They have hundreds of wines. We had a bottle of petite syrah (Marietta Alexander Valley, 2009, $29) and followed it up with a Minervois (french wine) (Chateua d’Oupia, 2010, $20). It’s tough to find a good Minervois at that price-point anywhere. Both wines were fantastic. I’m comfortable saying they have one of–if not the most–extensive wine lists in the state. They’ve been recognized by both Wine Spectator and the Wine Enthusiast for their expansive wine selection.

The four of us started with the Southern Cheese Puffs & Spinach Balls appetizer.  Note that the selection has a very clear ampersand meaning cheese puffs and spinach balls.  Yet, somehow I missed that.  The puffs were light and delicate, maybe too much so, and the spinach balls packed an intensely spinach wallop.   The overall impression was good, but nothing spectacular for the price.

Most of us had soups.  I went the french onion that was a little sweeter than most but still very good and our friends went with the cream of crab soup.  It looked about as good as I have ever seen outside of the Chesapeake Bay and had enough real crab in it to justify the price.  I will order that next time.

Now to the entrees.  I went with the rigatoni bolognese.  It was hearty and satisfying, but missing the extra kick you get with a bolognese from a great Italian restaurant.


Missy chose the lamb chop special and was very pleased.  The lamb was a perfect medium rare, but she really loved the goat cheese and thyme grits:


Lastly both of our friends chose the pumpkin gnocchi:


In their words:  “For the main course, I ordered my first-ever vegetarian entre: the pumpkin gnocchi, and it was outstanding. It came with roasted butternut squash (my favorite part of the dish), pumpkin seeds, candied walnuts, and crumbled goat cheese. I highly recommend.”

Savannah’s is pricey, but not outrageous.  Most entrees are in the $20 – $30 range; steaks will set you more.  Check them out at:

Is it unique?

Based purely only the wine list, yes.  You can’t have a list of the best restaurants in the state without Savannah’s.

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