Our Place Diner (Dunbar)

It took me eight months to try this place; I must be slipping.  With two visits in a week, I’m trying to make up for lost time.

Our Place is in a fairly non-descript cinderblock building (shared with one of the ubiquitous grey machine parlors) that is one the road (10th street) between I-64 and the old Dunbar Toll Bridge.  The Dunbar Toll Bridge hasn’t had a toll charged on it in 30 years or so, but as a West Virginian I must continue to use the antiquated and not helpful name to give directions that are useless to anyone who hasn’t lived in the area for more than a generation (See The Diamond, The Daniel Boone, The High, and, of course, the McDonalds with the basement).  It’s the corner of Grosscup and 10th for you newbies.

WV isn’t known for its diners, but Our Place comes pretty close.  It has the usual burgers and sandwiches, but has the feel of a diner with the long counter.  The make almost everything there.  The hamburgers are ground there, the potato chips are homemade as are the deserts.  My first trip was a burger, fresh potato cakes (think hash browns, but thicker) and a slap of home made peanut butter pie.  (Check out their facebook page for pictures of the pies:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Our-Place-Diner/172612609554012).

I talked a few of my coworkers into a Magellany adventure for lunch.  We started with the basket of homemade chips, but those disappeared before I found my camera.  I ordered the reuben with onion rings:

Latest blog photos 004

The reuben was fresh off the grill and nicely sized if very messy.  The rings were homemade; a bit salty but I would order them again.  One friend got the open faced turkey sandwich, which is not served at enough places, and another ordered a grilled cheese on texas toast.  The fourth decided to live for the moment and got the Monte Cristo with fries:

Latest blog photos 003 (photo credit Andy Arbogast)

Our server asked if he only wanted a half, which Andy took as a challenge.  To his credit he finished three of the four wedges (though we did have to roll him home).

Service has been very friendly.  I really got the sense that the owners and folks who worked there wanted us to enjoy the meal and come back.  We did and will.  Price were fair, most of the sandwhiches are about $8 which includes chips, fries, or soup.  You can do cheaper, but Our Place is doing everything fresh which will cost a little more.  It was also pretty quick.  Despite the drive, we were back at the office before 1.  In all, I’d highly recommend Our Place:  the food is good, the prices fair and service is very friendly.

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