Barb’s Diner (Middlebourne)

The original 101 list had Barb’s Diner in Middlebourne as the place to eat in Tyler County.  By the time the list was redone in 2012, Barb’s was replaced by The Jug.  As reviewed earlier, The Jug was a old general store with a counter where you could get Campbell’s soup and boiled hot dogs without slaw or chili.  (During this trip, it appeared The Jug had completely given up the ghost.)  What, I wondered, was so bad that our state commerce department would feel it should be replaced by that?  So, in the name of science, I visited.

Main Street (West Virginia Route 18) in Middle...

Main Street (West Virginia Route 18) in Middlebourne, West Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Barb’s is on the main drag through Middlebourne (also known as Route 18).  It’s the red brick building in the center of the official Wikipedia photo of downtown Middlebourne.  The menu is pretty basic with sandwiches and such, though they do breakfast all day.  During my Saturday visit that sounded good to me, so I ordered the sausage omelet:

Latest blog photos 002

The omelet was pretty good.  It was made from real eggs; you can see the yolk and the white hadn’t been completely merged in the photo above.  It was filled with cheese and sausage crumbles.  The “home fries” on the other hand were discs of not quite fried enough potato untainted by onions or any other flavor.  They needed a bunch of hot sauce.  I expect better from West Virginia home fries.

One thing about the place, it was inexpensive.  The omelet was like $5 and you can get a burger for around $3.  The inside was cold (it looked like it was warmed by space heaters) and had a bit of a musty smell, but was decorated festively for the holiday:

Latest blog photos 001

Yes, those are plastic folding chairs and tables.  Other than a bank of tiny booths on the south side of the room, that’s all the seating.  Service was definitely friendlier if they knew you (and they didn’t know me).

Overall, Barb’s was okay but nothing special and not worth a trip out of your way.  It was certainly a better choice for the 101 list than the Jug, but that only means it was better than one of the saddest meals of my life.  WV Living lists a different place, Bogg’s Pizza, as the place to eat in Tyler County and it looked nice.  I guess I need to swing by Boggs and complete the Tyler County dining tour.

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