Second Street Station (Mullens)

On our way home from the Greenbrier Valley, Missy and I knocked off Twin Falls State Park on our list of state parks to visit.  We were a little hungry and decided to take a quick drive down to Mullens to vist a little place on the 101 List — the Second Street Station.  The restaurant is in a white brick building on Moran Avenue across the street from the Mullens town hall and near the railroad tracks that run through town.  Despite the name, it’s beteween 3rd and 4th Streets; I don’t know why, just accept it. As we parked, one of the servers came out to warn us that the spot we had used ran the risk of someone turning the corner too quickly and hitting us; I thought that was very considerate.  The inside pays homage to the railroad influence in Mullens, with a nice mural ringing the ceiling.

Latest food 027

I’d been here before and gotten the burger, so I knew it would take care of Missy’s craving for a good cheeseburger.  I ordered the charlie burger, which was a cheeseburger with mushrooms, swiss, fried onions + LTO.

Latest food 029

It’s a big burger for the money and the patty tasted like it was hand done and not a frozen hockey puck.   The fries were only so so. The special burger of the house is the choo-choo burger, which is a burger topped with ham and cheese.  Bring an appetite.

The menu has all of the classic choices for a WV home cooking diner.  The food is good and well-priced.  Missy like her burger, though she said the ones we ate at Jimmy’s Diner in Shinston had more flavor and she’s probably right.  But this is a good place if you are in the Mullens area.

Is it Unique?

Probably not; the menu isn’t anything unusual and the food is good but not so out-of-this-world-good that it would justify a long detour.  But the people are very friendly and you feel good about supporting them.  If have business in coal country, or are doing the ATV trails, you should stop in.

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