Park Avenue Restaurant (Danville, Madison-adjacent)

Work took me to Boone County one lunchtime this week and gave me the chance to visit what WV Living says is the best place to eat in the County, the Park Avenue Restaurant.  The Park Avenue is so-named because it is on Park Avenue in Danville, there is no need to be cute.  Park Avenue is on the other side of the railroad tracks of state route 85, which is the main road in Danville.  The building is a utilitarian white block structure; it would be easy to miss except for the cars parked outside it.  The inside is open and pretty much standard.

Even though it was a bit early for lunch, 11:30, the Park Avenue was busy.  And it got busier over the next hour.  The menu is the usual for southern WV.  I noticed that one of my favorites, beef stew, was on the menu so I went with that.  They served it with two sides (green beans and mac n’ cheese) and cornbread.  One very nice touch is that before my server gave me my order, she started stirring my bowl of stew.  She said there wasn’t enough beef in it and took it back to the kitchen without my saying a word about more beef (and another server said “and tell them to fill it to the top”). You have to like that kind of service.

Latest food 030

The stew is there in the back, a dark brown, peppery broth that had a good beef flavor.  No tomatoes, which I guess is more of a northern WV, Italian-influnced thing.  The mac n’ cheese was gooey and filling, but not from a box and the green beans tasted of green beans and not bacon (a weird change of pace).  The green beans were actually really good; they had a strong vegetable flavor and weren’t salty at all.  Actually, nothing here was overly salty; I hearily approve of that.  The cornbread was hearty but only for cornbread fans; most folks may want to stick with the rolls.

I didn’t need dessert because that was a lot of food.  But they had graham cracker pie.  I’m glad I made the leap.

Latest food 031

I needed friends to finish the pie, but it was outstanding.  It was topped with a light sweet merringue, the filling was dense and rich and the crust had a nice honey flavor.

I came away impressed.  The burgers looked really good, as did everything else, and the servers were great.  It’s about a half hour drive from Charleston, so there might be a pie run some time soon.

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