Gary Bowling’s House of Art (Bluefield)

I can’t do this place justice. Anything I write and even the numerous photos I took won’t convey the magic that is (or was – they are planning on closing their location on Bland St in Bluefield at the end of October 2013) Gary Bowling’s House of Art.

Magellan and I first visited GBHOA on our way to last year’s Bramwell Oktoberfest (see separate post). The main reason I wanted to return to the 2013 Oktoberfest was that it provided the perfect opportunity to make a stop at GBHOA.

I’ve expressed my puzzlement over the lack of anything – except magnificent homes and well manicured lawns – in Bluefield in an earlier post. You can tell Bluefield used to be a major player WV city many years ago.

And, when you talk with Gary Bowling you can tell he loves Bluefield, then and now.

He and his band of merry artists create art out of many different types of media and are adept at turning found objects (trash to many) into amazing creations.

If you visit Bluefield, check out Patch Whisky’s outdoor mural:



Be on the lookout for Gary Bowling’s next venue. He mentioned several upcoming exhibits including one at the Chuck Mathena Center in early 2014.














The last photo is The Four Seasons Country by Gary S. Bowling. A wonderfully detailed piece that includes landmarks and more from Bluefield and the surrounding area. Prints of this are available and Magellan purchased one for me. It will always remind me of the magic on the 3rd floor of 500 Bland Street.

I can’t wait to see what phoenix arises in Gary Bowling’s next House of Art.


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2 Responses to Gary Bowling’s House of Art (Bluefield)

  1. I am loving your blog. It’s a joyful way to armchair-travel West Virginia.

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