The Y Restaurant (Arnoldsburg)

Even though I grew up in West Virginia, Calhoun County has always been a bit a mystery.  It’s not the smallest county, but it’s close with just 7000 or so residents.  None of our interstates pass through it and you really have to want to go there to wind up there.

But the WV Living list of restaurants does list one place per county and the Y Restraurant in Arnoldsburg is the one they chose for Calhoun County.TheY

You can see the Y intersection in the background, as the restaurant lies at the intersection of St. Rte. 16 and US Rtes. 33 & 119.  The inside is clean but non-descript and the menu features most of the usual suspects.  I ordered the Texas Melt, which was a patty melt but served on texas toast with fried green peppers if you want them (I didn’t, of course).  It was tasty and filling, but not worth the drive off the interstate.  Serivce was friendly and fairly quick.  The whole meal cost less than $10.

If you are in Calhoun County, choices to eat are sparse and the Y will do just fine.  It may well be the best place in the county.

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