Castle Halloween Museum (Benwood)

Though we visited several years ago I thought it an appropriate time to post about a seemingly little known WV haunt that’s been one of my favorite tours to date.

The Castle Halloween Museum is located out a little holler in Benwood, just outside of  Wheeling, in an old schoolhouse. It’s open by appointment only and run by Pamela E. Apkarian-Russell (The Halloween Queen) & Chris Russell, both delightful hosts and tour guides with an endless knowledge of just about everything.

Magellan totally humored me with this visit, but I think by the end he enjoyed himself. We had no idea what to expect and were a little leery when we pulled up to the quiet museum, shrouded in fog. Upon entry, we were immediately immersed in the tour and all things Halloween.

I was hooked at the beginning with these old masks and flammable costumes:


Then drawn in deeper by some Dia de los Muertos folk art:


And, more eclectic folk art:

folk cat

As well as hair wreaths:

hair wreaths

a cute little Halloween kitteh:


the story of Mother Shipton:

Mother Shipton

Robert Burns homegoods:

Robert Burns

and all sorts of product tie-ins:


These photos represent less than 1% of the items housed in the museum. And, The Halloween Queen provided information on nearly everything we saw. In addition to an informative tour, we were encouraged to take photos and were allowed much free time to explore all the rooms.

If you enjoy Halloween, and items that are beautifully macabre, you should contact The Halloween Queen and schedule a tour. Allow at least an hour.

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2 Responses to Castle Halloween Museum (Benwood)

  1. wvmagellan says:

    Does the Marx Toy Museum get a write-up around Christmas?

  2. jolynnpowers says:

    Thanks for sharing this I have never hurd about this at all and know my family will want to check it out!

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