Snappy Lunch (Mayberry, I mean Mt. Airy, NC)

Mount Airy Snappy Lunch

Mount Airy Snappy Lunch (Photo credit: kmoliver)

I know this is primarily a West Virginia blog, but when someone asks me to plot a Magellan like stop out of state I feel I have to share.  I was headed down to North Carolina with a good friend and he asked me to find a lunch spot.  Thanks to the always useful website, I learned we were only going to be a few minutes away from Mt. Airy and the Snappy Lunch, home of the world famous pork chop sandwich.

Mt. Airy is the hometown for Andy Griffith and has an entirely Andy Griffith based economy.  The entire downtown is filled with Mayberry gift shops, Floyd’s barber shop, Opie’s candy shop, and so on.  They said Snappy Lunch was mentioned in the show.  As you can see from the sign, it hasn’t changed much since the show went off the air.

You walk in and pass the grill, on which about dozen prok chops are frying — and nothing else is being cooked.  The Snappy Lunch menu is small, but I get the sense the entire place would do a double take if you ordered anything but the pork chop sandwich.  Seriously, our server didn’t ask what we wanted, she said “two pork chop sandwiches.”  Note the lack of a question mark.  We were told all the way (chili, slaw, tomato, mustard and onions) was the only way to order them.  It’s a pretty good sandwich:


The chili was a little sweet for me, we agreed it would be lousy on a hot dog, but the pork chop was juicy and everything tasted good and fresh.  Which makes sense becuase they were selling dozens every hour.  It set us back a whopping $4.05 and was served within minutes.  Downtown Mt. Airy wears on you quickly, but the Snappy Lunch is worth a stop.  Just don’t get crazy and order anything other than the world famous pork chop sandwich.

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