Double J Restaurant (Greenville)

This may be my most Magellan-like meal yet. WV Living claimed that the Double J was the best place to eat in Monroe County. Since few areas of the state are as picturesque as Monroe County, I decided to explore.

The Double J is not easy to find. Find State Rte. 122, also known as the Farm Heritage Road (which connects Forest Hill and Raines Corner). If you are coming from US 219 and Union, you will want to turn right on Back Creek Road just past the Creekside resort. Take this road for a mile or two, dodging ATV’s as you go. A minute or so after you are sure you are lost and have started looking for a place to turn around, there it is:

Double J

The restaurant is a ramshackle collection of rooms, though better than you would expect on a random back woods road in rural West Virginia. There is the world’s smallest conveneince store at the front, a small grill right behind it and a collection of three tiny dining rooms. The menu is fittingly small, but since the sign said this was the home of the Jimmy-Jo Burger, gosh darn it, I want a Jimmy-Jo Burger! (As an aside, Michael Stern of, in some ways the inspiration for this blog, says you never go wrong doing this at a restaurant that says it is the home of anything).


I want another one. The burger came on a standard bun with ham, shredded lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and grilled button mushrooms. It was different and delicious. I’ve had cheeseburger subs before in my life, but this may have been the closest to what I thought a cheeseburger sub is supposed to taste of anything I’ve tried.

The Double J seems like it is one of those places that is literally a mom and pop operation in that a husband and wife team are it. Husband on the grill, wife taking orders. Both were enormously friendly, even as they pointed my blackberry wasn’t going to get any service there (I was taking pictures only). Hours are hit and miss; I want to say Thursday-Saturday and they close at 4 on Saturday. But, this was one of my more rewarding Magellan moments. So, who wants to drive to Union?

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