Blennerhassett (Parkersburg, WV)

On a recent pretty Sunday, Magellan and I headed up to Parkersburg to check out Blennerhassett Island. It’s a short drive from Charleston and, we discovered, a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Not much is open in downtown Parkersburg on the weekend, but the Blennerhassett Museum and Island  take at least a couple hours to tour. When you arrive, head first to the Museum to purchase tickets for the Island ferry (if you’re running late and have cash, you can purchase your ticket on the boat).

The fee for the Museum is $4/adult and it will take you approx. 15-20 minutes (unless you read every label) to view the items on display. Some of the artifacts are interesting and pertain to the family who lived on Blennerhassett; some seem to be items people had stored away and donated for random display. The gift shop has some nice merchandise, including WV history books and Blennerhassett logo items.

The ferry ride to the Island is 15 minutes each way and runs $9/adult. There are two levels on the boat, so you can ride on top and soak in the sun or ride below and enjoy the ceiling fans.


Upon arrival on the Island, you will need to purchase tickets ($4/adult) to tour the home. Some folks go to the Island to enjoy a picnic, walking, or purchase tix for a horse drawn buggy ride. Home tours are timed and last about an hour (plan accordingly for the ferry ride back to the mainland).


The home is a re-creation of the original which burned to the ground. Guides provide a history of the area and family who lived there. I recommend this if you enjoy history.

After our boat ride back to Parkersburg, Magellan and I decided we were in the mood for barbeque and he suggested a place in Marietta called Bar-B-Cutie’s This is a (relatively) fast food chain located in TX, TN, GA, OH (just the one location in Marietta) and Spain (I’d like to see their business plan). They have a drive-through, or you can order inside and your food will be brought to your table. Each table has 5 different sauces with which you can jazz up your dish.


Per the norm, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich which included one side (I got o-rings) and a drink. I also ordered an extra side of slaw. I believe this ran about $9. Magellan ordered a platter w/ribs, chicken, pulled pork and a side of mashed potatoes for around $10 (extra for the drink so our total order came to about $21).

image image

I’ve had better and I’ve also had worse (Dirty Ernie’s fits into the latter category). The serving size for the price seemed reasonable but I think eating here could get pricey for a family. {Magellan:  It’s good for what it is: fast-ish barbeque.}

A trip to Blennerhassett Island with a picnic lunch would be a relatively inexpensive and fun way to spend a weekend afternoon.

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    but you were SO CLOSE to Rax!

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