The Fifth Floor (Clarksburg)

After dinner, Missy and I hit one of our favorite bars in the state, but a place we haven’t visited in a while.  The Fifth Floor occupies the, yes, fifth floor of Clarksburg’s old department store.


It was renovated into a cosmopolitan bar a few years back.  There is an elevator that seems to serve only the bar, so you feel like you are making an entrance and the bar itself is a bit upscale but comfortable.  The staff make you feel welcome.


We’ve been here for drinks and appetizers in the past and the bar’s whiskey selection remains impressive with many different bourbons, scotches and other whiskey.


You can’t make out the labels, but any place that has Blanton’s, Eagle Rare and Crown Reserve at the front is doing a nice job.  The Fifth Floor prides themselves on their cocktails, which are a little sweet for my taste.  To give you an idea, one of their signature drinks is a blow pop martini made with bubble gum vodka.  I had a sugar rush just typing that. My manhattan had a more pink hue (and sweeter taste) than I would normally prefer.


It was still good, but I think I will err on the side of ordering my whiskey of choice neat or on the rocks the next time.  Missy had a Peachy Sweat Tea, or some such, which she liked very much.

The food is solid, or at least was.  Their signature soup is a sausage chowder that is hot enough to get the attention of anyone.  The dips are tasty and the sandwiches look great. In short, you can lay down a good base, if you know what I mean, while enjoying your adult beverages.

The Fifth Floor was on the original 101 List, but was left off the 2012 update.  I have no earthly idea why.  This combination of good food, well-stocked bar, great location, and wonderful use of a reclaimed property is exactly the kind of place we should want to show off.  This place, ladies and gentlemen, is unique.

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