Pink Moon Coffeehouse (Weston)

A few days ago I noticed that Missy had “liked” the facebook entry for the Pink Moon Coffeehouse in Weston. This kind of surprised me because: 1) Missy doesn’t do coffee, and 2) I didn’t think she had been there. I was told that she hadn’t been there, but “likes” things in West Virginia (other than Dicarlo’s pizza). I am happy to say her insticts were right.

We missed the Pink Moon because it opened last August, a few months after we hit the city (Asylum, Thyme Bistro, Glass Museum). The Pink Moon is on Main Street in Weston’s downtown in the old Kane’s hardware store.

pictures 066

The last use of the building was storing old Christmas trees; this is a much better use.

I wasn’t hungry, though the roast beef and brie sandwich looked tempting, as did the hummus sandwich, but I did have room for the frappe special of the day: white chocolate and peppermint:

pictures 065

Yeah, that’s a terrible picture. Sorry. The drink tasted much better than that picture shows. It was smooth, with enough mint flavor to taste cool, but not no much as to overpower the beverage.

Not sure I can turn down a trip to Thyme if I am in Weston, but I am going to be tempted to hit this place for lunch on my next trip in town. All in all, a great addition to Weston’s downtown.  No website that I can find, but they are on Facebook:

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