Company’s Comin’ Murray’s Downhome Diner (Fellowsville)

Pretty sure Murray’s has the longest name of any restaurant on the 101 list. It is a two-time entrant, though they have moved it from Fellowsville to Tunnelton on the 2012 list, no doubt to the surprise of the Murrays who haven’t gone anywhere. For the record, it is on Route 50 in Fellowsville.

Company’s Comin’ is in the mold of a down-home, family-cooking restaurant and is, quite literally, a mom and pop operation as the Murrays appear to do most of the work (for the record, I don’t know if the Murrays are actually parents, but I’m going to assume they are). You could easily pass the cabin that houses the restaurant without knowing it was a business and the inside retains a very homey feel:

pictures 069

It reminds me of a grandmother’s place.

They open for breakfast and serve it all day, but the day ends early — 6pm on Saturday. Since I was in Preston County, I decided that buckwheat pancakes were the call. Normally, buckwheat pancakes can be quite dry with a capacity to absorb syrup unmatched among breakfast foods. Seriously, they can be quite Saharan. These were not:

pictures 068

The cakes were thin and eggy — more crepe like than most buckwheat cakes — but they still retained their strong buckwheat flavor. The plate of three was a fair serving with bacon that was cooked perfectly and tasted like local product as opposed to supermarket bacon. All for $5.50.

Is it Unique?

As I’ve said before, every county has several good family cooking spots. While Company’s Comin’ is as good as any of the others, I can’t say why it would stand out.. So, no, it isn’t really unique. But the pancakes were good and the Murrays seemed like nice people. If you are in the area, it is worth a visit.

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