Cedar Creek and Valley Falls State Parks

I’m a native of West Virginia. I was born here, raised in Berkeley County with family in Monongalia and Kanawha Counties. So, I saw a lot of the state as a kid. That said, if you had asked me to name the state parks, I would likely never have given you the names of Cedar Creek or Valley Falls.

After stopping in Cedar Creek, I can understand why I didn’t know of it. Tucked away in Gilmer County with no other nearby parks, Cedar Creek resembles a big municipal park. (In fairness, it is over 2000 acres. That’s pretty big.) I’m sure there is some good hiking, but what I saw was a little man-made lake with paddleboats. There is apparently a swimming pool with a place to eat that is open weekends (or as they say on the website: “Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s.” Sigh.)

Valley Falls, on the other hand, was a gorgeous surprise. Located on the Marion/Taylor County line, Valley Falls is where the Tygart Valley River passes over some beautiful sandstone falls. These pictures don’t do it justice, but I took them so here goes:

pictures 073 pictures 072 pictures 071

Both parks are listed as electives on the West Virginia State Parks VIPP Program – Very Important Parks Person. Details on the program may be found at http://www.wvstateparks.com/community/vipp.htm.

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