Panorama at the Peak (Berkeley Springs)

After taking a few shots at the 101 List, my conscience was getting on me. So, I figured I should mention a great spot I found because of the list.

Panorama has been the location of a restaurant for years. It was a steakhouse while I was growing up in Berkeley County and a few years back transitioned into a Farm to Table restaurant that is so committed to the cause that they actually list the farms on the menu.

If you want to check it out, bear in mind that Panorama is only open Thursday through Sunday. The restaurant is located on Route 9 heading west out of Berkeley Springs. Parking is across the road and gives you a view of four states (West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania). The menu changes monthly, but you can see what they have at

I’ve been twice, both times for lunch. I had a reuben that they claimed was all house made; the corned beef tasted a little like roast beef, but was excellent. The next trip included a chilled peach soup that was insanely good. My visits were before I was preparing for this blog, so I don’t think I have any pictures. Sorry. I hope I get the chance to update this with some dinner or brunch pictures in the near future.

Is it unique?

The Farm to Table concept isn’t exactly unique, but Panorama’s committment to local is unusual. Plus, they pull it off very well. There are several good places to eat in Berkeley Springs (the town is worth a visit), and I haven’t been to them all (Lot 12, I’m looking at you), but Panorama is at the top of the list.

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