La Famiglia (Huntington)

My significant other has been pestering me (wait, she edits these posts, how about “politely suggesting”) that we check out this “Southern Italian Deli” in Huntington for some time. I really wish we had gone earlier.

La Famiglia is close to Marshall in what looks to be a student housing area of the city. It’s in a coverted house and, in the unlikely event you were driving down Sixth Avenue, could easily miss it. The newish menu isn’t complex: some appetizers and salads, flat bread sandwiches, wood-fired pizza and a few pasta dinners.

We started with one of our favorites: the caprese salad.


The homemade mozzerella was mild, creamy and smooth. The tomatoes and basil were fresh and the garlicky, chopped tomato salad made a nice bruschetta-like topping for the bread. The flavor of the tomatoes didn’t quite reach the level of Julio’s, but this was a great way to start the meal.

We decided to split the special pizza which had pepperoni, homemade sausage, broccli rabe and pepato cheese. Pepato cheese is a sheep’s-milk cheese with peppercorns. La Famigilia prides itself on using 00 flour from Italy, so the crust is exactly like you would expect in Naples. You know, if you ate pizza in Naples. Which I haven’t, so I guess I have to trust them. It was outstanding.


Or, if you prefer a better lit close-up:


The broccli rabe had a nice bitterness that fans of broccoli or kale would understand. The crust was delicous and the 800 degree wood-fired oven gave it a great crunch.

LaFamiglia is not cheap. Dinner was nearly $40, without tip. The pizza, while delicious, is probably a single-serving for a Marshall student. It made a nice meal with the salad, but we finished everything. It is very similar in pricing to Pies and Pints or Lola’s, but the toppings are more traditional.

In short, this is not the place to go if you are hungry for a quick and cheap slice of pizza, but I highly-recommend it if you want a nice meal that features a well-prepared pizza and salad. Also, check their website ( or Facebook page to see the daily specials.

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One Response to La Famiglia (Huntington)

  1. missymenefee says:

    Rather than add to Eric’s review, I’ll comment … This restaurant is not on the 101 list, and I’d argue that it deserves a spot over some of the places we’ve visited. It’s a stellar Italian restaurant outside of where you typically find stellar Italian food in WV. The ambiance is homey (literally, it’s in a house) and our service, and the service I observed throughout the space, was excellent. The ingredients tasted very fresh and there seems to be much care in the overall product. These folks enjoy what they do and it shows.

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