The Mason Jar (White Sulpher Springs)

I was working in Greenbrier County and a friend suggested that I try a place he remembered as a kid: Bone’s Diner. It was a small place, just eight seats, right in the heart of White Sulpher Springs and had changed ownership several times. Unfortunately, there was a sign on the door saying it was closed for major repairs and hoped to be open again soon. The cereal boxes and ketchup bottles on the counter made me think that was possible. I hope to check them out sometime.

So, I walked down the street to the Mason Jar. I’d been to the Mason Jar before and liked it, plus it was 4pm and I hadn’t had lunch. I was not in the mood to drive to a new location.

The Mason Jar has an intentionally-rustic feel, from the red brick outside to the drinks being served in mason jars. I caught them in that “not really lunch anymore, but not quite dinner” time period, so had to order from the lunch menu. I went with the Mason Burger, a sizable cheeseburger with a slice of ham on top (I’ve seen a few other places in southern West Virginia do that, it’s like a more substantial bacon burger). I was not disappointed:

new photos 003

Greenbrier County health officials can rest assured that the Mason Jar took the suggestion to cook burgers well done seriously, as mine was most certainly well-done. Still, the burger had some real flavor to it and it worked well with the city ham. The bun tasted either homemade or from a local bakery. All in all, a very good burger. The rings tasted like vidalias, but not home-made.

I’d love to go back and try a dinner (I’ll update this report if I do). I’d recommend a visit as it makes a nice counter to the upscale dining available elsewhere in the area.

Is it unique?

Country cooking restaurants are not exactly one of a kind in this state, nor are great places to eat in Greenbrier County. I’m not sure I can fully resolve this issue based on a burger (good as it was), so for now let’s say that it is not unique, but is very good and a worthy stop in what is maybe the deepest restaurant market in the state.

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One Response to The Mason Jar (White Sulpher Springs)

  1. TBru says:

    I ate at The Mason Jar a couple of years ago and loved it! I had really good fried green tomatoes and chicken and dumplings. If you are in Greenbrier County and looking for good down home cooking…this is the place.

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