Castle Rock (Jesse)

The 101 list has taken me to some out of the way places. One of the more hard to reach locations was the Castle Rock Restuarant in Jesse, West Virginia. Jesse is little more than a wide spot in the road on WV Route 10 between Oceana and Pineville. You know you’ve found the spot when you see this sign: Food 063

I’ve had the chili and cornbread, but on this Sunday they were serving a shortened Sunday dinner menu (which included fried calamari, much to the confusion and distress of the waitress and several customers — I never really considered Wyoming County as a fried squid kind of place). I had the chicken and dumplings with green beans and broccoli:

Food 062

The veggies were fairly standard, though I appreciated that the broccoli was all florets and no stems. The dumplings were the fluffy/doughy kind and not the dense noodle variety. Works for me but your taste may vary. The sauce was a bit bland, but isn’t that often the case with chicken and dumplings? It’s a comfort food that is meant to be filling. There was plenty of chicken and the entire meal (with roll and sweet tea) was about $10. Service was friendly.

Is it unique?

Uhh, no. There is probably a Castle Rock in every county of the state; a locally owned stop that serves neighbors simple and satisfying meals. I’m not saying Castle Rock is bad by any stretch; if you are in Wyoming County, you should stop in. It’s the best place I’ve found in the county. I certainly prefer it to the Pinnacle Drive-in in Pineville. Had the goal been to produce a list of restaurants that recognized at least one location in every county, then listing Castle Rock makes complete sense. But, there are too many unrepresented counties on the 101 list to think that was the plan.

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