Thyme Bistro (Weston)

Update:  I had the chance to stop back at Thyme on a trip back from Morgantown and, in keeping with my plea to keep this place in business, had another very good dinner. This time it was the shrimp judith, a combination of some jumbo shrimp poached in a white wine sauce on top of angel hair pasta in a simple garlic butter sauce.

shrimp judith

Thyme does their own baking (the bread is spectactular) and so was the decadent chocolate cake I had for dessert.


My first visit was last fall when I stopped in on the way to Canaan Valley. The lights were low and the place was fairly quiet on that random weekday night. I worried a bit that maybe it wasn’t that good. I shouldn’t have worried.

I started with their kettle of the day (it’s what they call the soup du jour, just go with it), which was a classic tomato bisque. This time I had the foresight to snap off a few pictures:Kettle of the Day

The soup was smooth and flavorful, with a nice contrast in the croutons that stayed crunchy longer than they should have. My entree was the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin in a white wine sauce with mushrooms, celery, pearl onions, spaetzel and peas. Lots and lots of peas:

Food 033

It was kind of like a pork version of chicken vesuvio. Great mix of flavors and very satisfying, assuming you like peas. (I seem to have a fixation with peas. I don’t. I promise my next couple of reviews will be pea-less). Dessert brought the pumpkin phase of the meal — remember this was fall — a pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin spiced coffee:

Food 034

The pumpkin spiced coffee really tasted like cinnamon coffee, but they gave me a to go cup for free, so I shouldn’t complain too much. The dessert took the flavor of pumpkin pie and merged it with the richness of cheesecake. As the pictures on their facebook page attest, they know their way around a dessert. Daily specials, including the kettle of the day, are posted, as they should be, daily.

I later went back with Missy and two friends who had just done the asylum tour because I couldn’t wait to tell people about the Bistro (yes, Charlestonians, the Bistro — this place is better than the Bridge Road Bistro). No pictures as I was too busy eating, but the bistro fries — served in a paper cone — and potato encrusted salmon (perfectly barely-cooked fish encrusted in a crunchy potato shell) were outstanding.

As should be apparent, I’m a big fan of this place and highly recommend you stopping in if you are in the area. Or close to the area. Stay at Stonewall Resort. Entrees are going to run you about $20, but they are worth it. Save room for dessert.

Is it unique?

I plan on trying to answer this question everytime I talk about a restaurant on the 101 list. Thyme isn’t unique in a strict sense of the word as there are other similar restaurants in West Virginia (The Press Room, Dish, Bridge Road Bistro). But that isn’t what the list means to me. Thyme is one of the best restaurants in the state and it is in a location where you would never expect it (no offense to anyone in Weston). It absolutely needs to be on the list and should remain there for many years to come. West Virginia, you need to keep this place in business.

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4 Responses to Thyme Bistro (Weston)

  1. Sean says:

    Hi guys!! I live in Nashville, but grew up in WV, and I’ve been to Thyme several times – co-owner Geoff Kraus was once the chef at Coach House at Staunton Gate, which was my mother’s place just a couple of miles down the road from Thyme. Jeff is a *monster* in the kitchen – next time you’re at Thyme, make sure you check out the french fries with truffle oil (unless they have the Rosemary and Sea Salt Sweet Potato Fries w/ Sriracha Crema, which will change your life). 🙂

  2. april says:

    I have been a foodie for many years. I knew Geoff when he was just beginning his career as a chef. He was just as good fifteen years ago as he is today. Some people learn to cook in school; Geoff knew things no school could teach. He was born with this talent. I’ve worked with him at several different places over the years and was fortunate enough to be able to taste many of his creations. All of them were excellent, and I am a harsh critic. Not only is the food amazing, but the place is beautifully decorated as well. The atmosphere and food together will send you to heaven. You have to try this place. Once you taste Thyme, you’ll be spoiled on all those other places people rave about. This is the real deal.

  3. A gem in the mire of Weston, WV. Worth getting off I79 for, Worth walking from a parking lot in the rain one block for, worth paying a bit extra for, don’t miss the chance to support a hard working small business man.

  4. wvmagellan says:

    Sean — I’ve had the fries and they are amazing.
    April and Kelly — I couldn’t agree more. This place is really good. I’ve been trying to spread the word.
    Thanks for reading. I hope you find some other good places on this blog.

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