Morrison’s Drive Inn (Logan)

Before I talk about any more fancy dining places, I want to make clear I like regular food too. Like hot dogs and hamburgers. And if there is a place in the state that is better for either than Morrison’s in Logan, I haven’t found it.

Morrisons is, like Logan, a place from a time past. It is an old-school park the car, flash the lights for the car hop, drive in. Located on Route 10 headed east and south out of town, Morrisons doesn’t look like it has changed much over the years:


If you need the sterile feeling of a fast-food joint, Morrison’s won’t cut it. But if you want a classic WV dog (chili, slaw, mustard, and onions) this really may be the best location in state for one. My last lunch there was simple: one dog, one cheeseburger, onion rings and a sweet tea. It came out minutes later wrapped in wax paper (not the drink);Food 022

I’m not doing either the burger or the dog justice with this photo. The burger was very good, and the toast as opposed to bun was unusual, but the star is the dog. The West Virignia Hot Dog blog (yes, there is such a thing and it is wonderful) call the Morrison’s Dog the quintessential West Virginia Hot Dog; finely chopped slaw and onion, a nicely textured (not too chunky) chili that is sweet, spicy, and meaty at the same time. They serve other sandwiches, and I bet they are good, but I’ve never strayed from the hot dogs or hamburgers.

Morrison’s was on the 101 list when it first came out in 2009, but was missing (along with other drive-ins such as the Sterling, King Tut and Jim’s) when the list was updated. Maybe the Department of Commerce was going for a “classier” list, but change was not for the better. Morrison’s is a Logan County institution and for good reason; they’ve been serving delicious food for decades. By removing the best drive-ins from the list, you are unjustly removing a subset of restaurants that are part of the state. Because of its history, Morrison’s is much more deserving of being called unique than many of the generic homestyle restaurants that are on the current list. Sure, maybe their business doesn’t need the extra visits because of loyal clientele in Logan, but the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown has been doing well for years and they made the list. WV Department of Commerce, you blew it with this deletion.

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