Charleston Brewing Company

For my first review, why not look at one of Charleston’s newest restaurants and our first brewpub since I moved here in 2000.

Early reviews have been surprisingly unkind, and I think a bit unfairly.  The place is still getting its legs under it; the wait staff is learning the menu and the restaurant is still finding what sells and what doesn’t.  So, there will be a few bumps during any meal.  It did make the decision of whether or not to get the pretzel appetizer easier when we learned they were out of the pretzels.  And to the definite relief of one reviewer who was deeply troubled that the mustard chicken wings were chicken wings with mustard (who could have seen that coming?) that item was off the menu.

The menu is trying for a British flavor (flavour?).  At dinner they were serving bangers and mash, fish and chips, and an English breakfast, in addition to some more traditional bar food.  I got the fish and chips and enjoyed the fish, though the fries were just so-so.  What made it unusual was the side vegetable: mashed peas.  Yep, a big heaping bowl of peas, but mashed.  Which I gotta tell you, concentrates their pea-y goodness.  If you like peas at all, it’s worth trying, if only to say you have.  Missy had the pub burger, which she said was solid.  They forgot to bring out any mayo or mustard for the burger, but they did remember to bring out tabasco.  Like I said, they’re learning.

I was a big fan of the Wobbly bitter (again, British theme) when I went there earlier for beers, but they had sold out of it.  The replacement was fine, but I can’t remember the name (70 Bob, interjects Missy).  My first time through I thought the darker beers (bitter, stout) were better than the blondes and ales.  But then again, I normally think that.  From their facebook page,, new beers are apparently on the way.  I’m game to keep trying them.

I forgot to take pictures; I will try to add some soon.  In all, I like the place and wish it well through its growing pains.  I wouldn’t recommend it if you need a smooth meal, but you should try it if you are good with enjoying something a little bit different.

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