101 Unique Places to Eat in West Virginia

Back in 2009, the state Department of Commerce put out a list of 101 restaurants that they said were “unique places to eat.”  I started trying to visit all of them.  Then in 2012, they published a new list.  Some places had gone out of business, some just dropped off, and there were new spots to visit.  And my efforts to visit them started anew.

Of course, the list begs the question of “what do you mean by unique?”  It is best?  Most unusual?  What exactly makes these places unique?

If the Department of Commerce knows, they aren’t telling.  And, having hit around 75 of them, I haven’t got a clue either.    But I have developed some opinions about the list and what they got right, what they shouldn’t have dropped off, and what should be listed.  It is time those opinions get shared.

If you are curious, here’s a link to the 2012 list:  http://www.wvcommerce.org/travel/thingstodo/wvdining/101-places/default.aspx.  It’s a good list, if not perfect, and I do appreciate the state going to the effort to publicize some really good out of the way places to eat.

Also (Missy here), the list has inspired our travels through West Virginia. In addition to discussing the restaurants we visit, we’ll highlight places to go, things to do and Wild and Wonderful discoveries we make along the way.

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